Industrial Designer
Senior Design Lead at IDEO Chicago, USA




Florian Hilbig is an Industrial Designer and Senior Design Lead at IDEO's Chicago studio with fifteen years of experience in medical, transportation and consumer electronics design.
Flo loves to create products which address complex needs, and in particular, being an advocate for patients—humans in their most vulnerable place. He thrives when confronted with ambiguous situations, multi-layered problems, and seemingly incompatible stakeholders.

His work includes next generation CT scanners that improve throughput and human care alike, a ceiling mounted and moving MRI system for improved surgical workflows, dandelion inspired laboratory equipment, a digital camera which perfectly blends physical and digital design, truly sustainable food packaging, products that allow for new ways to go to the bathroom, and much more.
His designs have been awarded by international juries more than 20 times already.

Chicago is this small-town-guy's latest destination in his journey of constant urbanization, which also brought him to the Coburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where he obtained a Diploma in Integrated Product Design.

The aspiring minimalist conquered land, sea, and sky by urban hikes, scuba diving and skydiving.